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Mind and Brain


It is an ability enhancement multimedia program.

AIMS media follows technology driven approach in imparting meaningful education for children with special needs.

The main belief of AIMS media is in self-organised learning environment and giving equal opportunities to all.

AIMS media offers various educational and production services at Pan India/Overseas and don’t believe in giving employment but strongly believe in enhancing employability.

AIMS media follows holistic approach by conducting sessions on:
  1. Healthy lifestyle
  2. Social etiquette
  3. House keeping
  4. Personality development
  5. Table etiquette
  6. Value of money
  7. Mobile phones
  8. Internet
  9. Visual learning
  10. Horticulture
  11. Industrial visit
  12. Dramatics/theatre
  13. Road safety
  14. Bank & banking
  15. Photography
  16. Videography
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