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Mind and Brain


(Inclusive Empowerment through Technology Assisted Skill Development)

There is a strong relationship between mental illness and work-related disability. Individuals with mental illness are a diverse group of people, with a wide range of talents and abilities.

Employment not only provides a paycheck, but also a sense of purpose, opportunities to learn and a chance to work with others. Most importantly, work offers hope, which is vital to recovery from mental illness.

The future jobs and life skills of people with disability will be completely around technology from how they are getting to work to the skills they would require to perform their duties at their work set up. There is a need for vocational programs today which act as alternatives to the much more expensive colleges and universities.

This includes performing job tasks independently, working in a group setting with reduced supervision, accepting direction from supervisor, soliciting help appropriately and maintaining appropriate behavior.

IE –TASK offers technical training programs specifically designed to advance technical skills for people with disabilities.

These programs combine instructor-lead; hands on training with real life applications and fun filled activities which would help them build confidence by providing them the experience within the field of computer programming, software testing, data entry and other technical professions.

The process begins with a basic assessment followed by training sessions.
The first step would be assessing the individual’s skills across various domains by psychologists and software trainer. Individuals who do not possess basic skills would be trained prior to enrollment into the technical training program. Based on the evaluation and interests, he/she would be given a choice to select one out of the three modules designed.


Our team would offer individualized support and make sure each one of them excel in their skills.

The training consists of three modules which include:
Module 1 – Coding
Module 2 – Software testing
Module 3 - Data entry


Mind and Brain


Pre-Employment Training
Our pre-employment programs are designed to help people develop the skills they need to secure employment and be effective in the workplace from day one. Taking a customized approach, we design personal action plans which support people towards their career goals. A typical program includes job application support and interview preparation.
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