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Mind and Brain




  • Difficulty with reading or spelling
  • Diffficulty in academic performance
  • Poor writing
  • Difficulty in expressing oneself
  • Delay in speech
  • Increased activity level
  • Poor eye contact
  • Withdrawn behaviour

Our team at Mind and Brain clinic in the child care is comprised of:

  • Psychiatrist
  • psychologist
  • speech therapist
  • occupational therapist
  • special educator

The above symptoms could be due to sensory processing disorder , Autism, Attention Deficiet Disorder, Mental Retardation or any to her Psychiatric /Emotional problems.. To address these issues, we at MIND &BRAIN CLINIC provide Paediatric Therapy Services. Services provided in our century are based on the understanding that each child is unique.our aim is to meet the individual need of every child attending our programme.

The therapies provided in Mind and Brain Clinic are:


This technique encourages the child sneurological system to process and to integrate the sensory inputs in organized and meaningful ways. these adaptive responses provide feedback to their nervous system to mature and to function yto their highest level. Ultimately the child can interact with and adapt to their environment successfully.


We offer OCUUPATIONAL THERAPY using sensory integration technique rich in
  • vesitbular(balancing)
  • proprioceptive(movemnet, posture,position,weight)
  • tactile(touch)
  • auditory (hearing)
  • visual areas where children with neurological issues



A child not doing as in school as she /he has the potential to , he /she may have a learning disability. the early tell-tale signs like delayed speech, poor fine motor skills, poor sense of direction etc, indicate pr-primary kids at risk for learning disabilities. When L.Ds are not found treated early on, they tend to snowball. As kids get more and more behing in school, they may become more and more frustrated, feeling like a failure.

Parents and teachers are most often the first to notice that something does not seem right. if you are aware of the common signs of learning disabiltiy you will be able to recognize potential problems early.A therapy programme is planned especially for you. the Education prgramme will be conducted by our special needs educator.



A speec language pathologist(SLP) provides evaluation for speech disorders, cognitive impairments or delays, scial language fluency /stuttering, voice disorder, auditory processing.

Symotoms are:

  • prevention of communication disorders
  • identification of students at risk for later problems
  • assessments of students communication skills
  • evaluation of the result of comprehensive assessment
  • development and implementation of IEPs
  • combine communication goals with academic and social skills.

Child Guidance Clinic

Emotional and behaviour problems among children are on rise. Appropriate psychological instruments, inventories,questionnaires , tests are used for complete assessment. Aggressive and violent behaviour among teens is increasing. it needs to be addressed at an early stage. child is managed by psychological intervention or medical management, as per the need of the individual client.


  • Anger disorder/impulse control disorder
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • personality issues
  • relationship issues
  • memory problems
  • seizure disorder
  • learning disability
  • hyper activity
  • conduct disorder
  • autism -spectrum disorder
  • psychological issues associated with bedwetting and stammering.
  • dyslexia.
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