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Psychiatric Clinical Intervention:

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Patients with emotional issues may be Lonely, Isolated, demoralized and desperate regardless of the diagnosis. They have lost themselves. In MIND AND BRAIN Clinic we believe that before anything else can happen, they must be found and feel found. They can only be found within the context of their own specific histories, cultures, religion, gender, social context and so on.

There is nothing more healing than the experience of being found by another it is often subsumed under the need for love, security and acceptance. However obnoxious, destructive, or desperate their overt behaviour, it is the Psychiatrist job to seek and find the point. This is the purpose of Listening/Clinical Interview.Despite major advances in neuroimaging and neurochemistry, there are no laboratory procedures as informative as Observing, as listening to and interacting with the patients.Interview is a Mean of ASSESSING the patient, and developing rapport and making initial plans in Clinical Situations. The nature of the interaction is informative diagnostically.


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Psychological Assessment currently takes many forms.
Most common forms of assessment include ::

  • Screening
  • Diagnostic/Treatment Assessment
  • Neurocognitive/Neuropsychological/Assessment personality.


Psychological screening is typically done with self-reportinstruments (questionnaires) during the initial evaluation and periodically during and after the treatment process to assess the severity, complexity and type of distress is a quick/cost effective manner

Diagnostic/Treatment Assessment

The diagnostic assessments are Standardized methods of sampling behaviour is a reliable and valid. The text stimuli, the methods of presenting these stimuli, and methods of solving the responses are carefully standardize to ensure reliability.

Neurocognitive/Neuropsychological/Assessment personality.

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This is an increasingly valuable form of assessment that measures impairments in how patients process information and examine how these impairments might be effective by brain-behaviour relationship.

  • Does this geriatric patient have Dementia or Depression?
  • Does this patient have Learning Disorder?
  • Is this patient Cognitive people indicative of brain damage such as stroke?

Do I Need Medications????

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Deciding on Psychiatric Medications:
There is a lot of Myth around taking medications. Fear about being Addicted, Side Effects, and unnecessary medication, how long...........to take etc.
Decision on giving medication is taken based on:

  • Diagnosis
  • Severity
  • Risk factors
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